Movements & Life

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I Can Do This
A type of pep, encouraging song primarily meant to be listened to during the labor process, but can certainly be applicable during all of pregnancy and motherhood- I CAN DO THIS!! The song focuses as well on the theme that Hashem is with us during the labor, that we were created for this, and that the labor is part of a process blessing us with a child in the end. Neshama means soul. We are helping to bring a neshama in this world.
Tougher Process
This song expands upon the idea that the tougher something is, the more worthwhile it is. This is true for everything in life. The butterfly wings only become string when it struggles to break out f the cocoon. If we help, then it won’t be able to try. Something that applies to motherhood- so hard- from the conception all throughout raising the children. It is so hard to be a mother but so worthwhile. It is one of the most incredible things that we can do. It also applies as well to the process of Am Yisrael forming as a proper nation. We have such great potential as a nation. That is why our creation and existence has been so difficult.
אשת חיל
Written to women in general, focusing on our strengths and our individual purposes in this world. Every person has his/her own unique strengths in this world that only they can do.
Moment in Time
Recorded and written with my husband, this song is about creating life; the miracle of it and the uniting with Hashem. There is a Jewish concept that three are involved in the creation of a person: woman, man and God.
Focuses on pregnancy with its up and downs and difficulties, in a rock ‘tough’ style. Between hormones and the body changing, a pregnant woman can feel like she doesn’t know who she has become. The chorus becomes much softer as the baby is miraculously born.The baby becomes its’ own being and personality.
Movements and Life
This song talks about the process of pregnancy through birth- talking about the hardships as well as the excitement and miracle of it.The mother is longing here to hold her child, to get to know her baby.
Written to a child- the world was created for you. The idea that each person is his/her own world with their own strengths they bring uniquely.
Unique Phenomenon
Written to the child, talking about the process of growing up stage by stage. At the end of the song the mother realizes she too was once a child and is a unique phenomenon just as her child is.Through the process of connecting to her child and seeing how special they are, the mother should connect to herself as well. She too is unique.
עלץ לבי בה’
The words are taken from Chana the Prophetesses song of praise to Hashem after many years of being barren, she was blessed with Shmuel Hanavi. We must never forget what an incredible miracle every child is. I find that people often take the process for granted unless they encountered hardships but truly every child is an incredible miracle.
אם אין אני לי
This song focusses on the realisation that we are all special. Often people feel that a new born baby is so sweet and innocent, but as the child grows up we are less enamored by the child. It should be the opposite. The older we get, hopefully the more we realise our potential, the more we allow our neshama to shine through. Thus the second theme of the song “loving myself helps me love you, loving you helps me love me more too”. Through loving another and vice versa we truly learn to love, to give, and also appreciate ourselves and our own strengths. אם אין אני לי מי לי If I am not true to myself, than what am I- וכשאני לעצמי מה אני- and once I truly love myself- I must also learn to love another and only then will be complete.
Relax – Bonus Track!
To be listened to during the labor process