Thank you Hashem for the incredible bounty of blessings in my life; for my wonderful Husband, Chaim, and children, parents, family and friends. Thank you Hashem for granting me the health, means and creative ability and talents to make this happen. I pray this music will inspire mothers and deepen their connection to You. Thank you for giving me the bracha of becoming a mother to such special children and discovering a new side to myself, new things to work on and many more things to be grateful for. Thank you Chaim for being you, loving, supportive, giving and continually serving as a role model to me and others as to how to be a true עובד ה. Thank you to my parents for your incredible love and supprt through the years, encouraging my music and serving as role models to me. Thank you to Netanel for your expertise and talents and helping to make my dream a reality.