About Jewish Ema Music

This cd is meant to inspire Jewish mothers and Jewish mothers- to-be. This cd is truly a dream come true to me. I have always loved writing my own music and singing. Throughout the years I have played around with how to use this talent that Hashem has given me for Am Yisrael. I feel that my talents are best served when I am impacting people like with special evenings of singing and inspirational stories and being a music therapist.

When pregnant with my first child I became very excited by the idea of an inspirational birth experience, one in which the birth drew me closer to Hashem. I read different books and created a personal cd of music I liked to accompany the birth process.For my second birth I wrote some songs which my husband and I sang in the earlier stages of labor. I found the experience of writing songs and having songs relevant to what I was feeling made the birth experience much more meaningful. I also felt that the preparation I did beforehand had a tremendous impact on how I viewed motherhood, pregnancy and my new child.

I created this cd when expecting my third child. As far as I know there is nothing quite like this yet created and I felt that I am not the only one who could benefit from a compilation of songs all meant to inspire and prepare Jewish mothers for this great journey. It is really with endless סייעתא דשמייא that I was able to create this cd so quickly. I felt a real push from Hashem to do it and seized the moment, energy and burst of creativity to do it. I pray that these songs will serve as an inspiration to all of you to love yourselves more, get ready for the process of having a child and once you have a child, embracing motherhood with more energy and excitement.

Please feel free to contact me with regard to any content. You can also look at www.aish.com if you have any questions regarding Jewish concepts discussed in this cd.